How To Sell A Car Online

By | December 7, 2021

Selling a car or truck has been easy but depending on your locations is can get tricky. Especially in the times we’re in.

I’ve sold many vehicles by just putting a sign on the vehicle, but after moving to the suburbs I figured online would be the best way.

I posted on Craigslist, Offerup and Autotrader and here’s what I learned.

Craigslist is very good about cloaking your information… but you need to be careful with phishing. For the one month I had the vehicle posted, I would get daily message that were mostly spam.

A Great way to Sell A Vehicle.


Go on ebay and find someone to sell you a carfax report. Will usually cost you around $5. Post your carfax to your google drive account and get a link you can share.


After you get your carfax report and have posted it to google drive, I suggest you go here to generated a barcode with the link that was generated.

For Sale Sign

Print yourself a for sale sign or pick on up from amazon which can be found here for around $3 with fast shipping =

Add the details of the vehicle to your sign but include a qr code so users can just point their phone at the sign and get a carfax report.

Park You Vehicle In A High Visibility Area

Park the vehicle on the front the house or ask a friend to use him high traffic front. I found this to be really effective. Be sure to put as much info as possible about the vehicle on the for sale site.

If you’re not firm on price, be sure to mark it up around 5-10% higher as people are always looking for a deal. Indicating that you are firm on the price will being in less but high quality calls.

Transfer Of Title

Different State of different requirements for a title transfer.

Go on YouTube and look for your state and “how to fill out a car title”.

Be sure to take a pick before you fill it out and after the other party fills out their part.

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