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Lastpass Delete Passwords

From Lastpass = Delete a single item Click the inactive (grey or black) LastPass icon  in your web browser toolbar. Enter your email address and master password, then click Log In. Result: An active LastPass icon  is displayed and you are now logged in. Click the active LastPass icon  in your toolbar, then use the Search field or go to All items and… Read More »

How To Sell A Car Online

Selling a car or truck has been easy but depending on your locations is can get tricky. Especially in the times we’re in. I’ve sold many vehicles by just putting a sign on the vehicle, but after moving to the suburbs I figured online would be the best way. I posted on Craigslist, Offerup and… Read More »

Force Defrost Mode in Kenmore Refrigerator

The electronic control board controls the defrost system in that model of refrigerator so it doesn’t have an electro-mechanical timer for defrost. Here’s the procedure to use the forced defrost mode: Hold the refrigerator door light switch closed. Press the Refrigerator Temperature DOWN /- keypad 3 times consecutively.Note: The 3 keystrokes must be consecutive and… Read More »

How to Enable Temporary URL in WHM for CPanel Access Go to your WHM Server and login as Root. In the Search box type in Apache and look for Apache mod_userdir. Uncheck the option ‘Enable mod_userdir Protection. Hit Save. You can keep this enabled and check off the URLs.