Cancel a WordPress Woocommerce Order

Login to your WordPress Control Panel Navigate to ‘WooCommerce’ then ‘Orders’. Find the order and Click on it. Scroll down to where your see the purchasing details and select ‘Refund’. Adjust the Qty and assure that all the boxes have the amount populated so that the ‘Refund Amount’ matches the ‘Total available to refund’. Then… Read More »

Docker Desktop and N8N

I can’t make HTTPS requests with http://localhost:5678/ When you run the N8N add the port 5678 and you’ll receive a popup to setup the port… I had to enter the port in this field when setting up the container. After that, I can run the container and access it using localhost:5678 Docker service network issue.… Read More »

Auto PY to EXE

Getting Started [From] Prerequisites To have the interface displayed in the images, you will need chrome. If chrome is not installed or –no-chrome is supplied, the default browser will be used. As of PyInstaller 4.0, Python 2.7 is no longer supported. Read “Python 2.7 Support” below for steps on how to use this tool with… Read More »

WHM Firewall

I would try removing that IP from the whitelist and restarting networking services, such as cPHulk, and then having the user try again. This would be the first thing I would try out. Even though they aren’t in use with cPHulk, check CSF and iptables.

Troubleshooting Mobile Data Access Issues in Newly Launched Websites: A Case Study

The digital era has witnessed a growing number of businesses leveraging the power of the internet to reach global audiences. Websites have become a critical tool in today’s business landscape, forming the cornerstone of many digital marketing strategies. However, it is not uncommon for website owners to encounter accessibility issues post-launch, especially over various networks.… Read More »

WHM Cpanel Node.js Use the Node JS with full path as: # /opt/cpanel/ea-nodejs16/bin/node -v v16.20.2 Official cPanel documentation: How to install a Node.js application Timothy Haines Follow Not yet followed by anyone Introduction This article discusses how to install a Node.js application on a cPanel account. Procedure To install an application: Please note after installing… Read More »

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Prusa Printer Heater Cartridge and Thermistor Resistance Values, Plus 1.75 mm, MK2.5, MK2.5S, MK3, MK3S, MMU1, MMU2, MINI, MK3S+, MINI+

In many cases, we need to decide whether a component is faulty, or just wrongly installed. There are also situations where we need to decide exactly which component should be replaced. We are using the multimeter (multitester) for checking the continuity of wires, measuring the resistance values of heaters and thermistors, and measuring the voltage coming from the… Read More »