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How Do I Stop Internet Explorer from Redirecting to Edge?

How Do I Stop Internet Explorer from Redirecting to Edge? Launch Microsoft Edge and go to Settings. Navigate to Default browser, and locate Let Internet Explorer open sites in Microsoft Edge. Set this option to Never. From =,supports%20the%20latest%20web%20standards

Force Defrost Mode in Kenmore Refrigerator

The electronic control board controls the defrost system in that model of refrigerator so it doesn’t have an electro-mechanical timer for defrost. Here’s the procedure to use the forced defrost mode: Hold the refrigerator door light switch closed. Press the Refrigerator Temperature DOWN /- keypad 3 times consecutively.Note: The 3 keystrokes must be consecutive and… Read More »

VMware vCenter Converter P2V to ESXi 5.5 Steps [If Getting Errors using Infrastructure]

IF VMware vCenter Converter Standalone Client VM/Physical or TIB to VMware Infrastructure ESXi Server Fail, try the steps below. Important: Remember to REMOVE VMWare tools from the VM before doing the below. Used VMware vCenter Converter. Migrate to Version Workstation 8.X. Open in Workstation, add Server running ESXi Power off the VM Go to Settings Open options (tab)… Read More »