VMware vCenter Converter P2V to ESXi 5.5 Steps [If Getting Errors using Infrastructure]

By | February 23, 2015

IF VMware vCenter Converter Standalone Client VM/Physical or TIB to VMware Infrastructure ESXi Server Fail, try the steps below.

Important: Remember to REMOVE VMWare tools from the VM before doing the below.

  1. Used VMware vCenter Converter.
  2. Migrate to Version Workstation 8.X.
  3. Open in Workstation, add Server running ESXi
  4. Power off the VM
  5. Go to Settings
  6. Open options (tab)
  7. VM Tools
  8. Choose top answer “Update manually (do nothing)”
  9. The drag over to Esxi or use the upload command.
  10. Drag and Drop to Server in VMWare Workstation
  11. Run

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