Vmware Upload Failed: A specified parameter was not correct

By | February 21, 2015

Uninstall VMware tools from the VM…


1. Power off the VM
2. Settings
3. options (tab)
4. VM Tools
5. Choose top answer “Update manually (do nothing)”
The drag over to Esxi or use the upload command.

Problem solved.


Cannot import an OVF to vCloud Director (vCD)
Importing an OVF to vCD fails
The virtual machine was created in VMware Workstation
Cannot deploy the OVF in vCenter Server
VMware Workstation includes a parameter that allows all virtual machines to use the default settings to upgrade VMware Tools.
This setting is not supported in vSphere and vCD environments.
To workaround the issue:
Open the the OVF file using a text editor.
Locate the line:

<vmw:Config ovf:required=”false” vmw:key=”tools.toolsUpgradePolicy” vmw:value=”useGlobal”/>

Change this line to:

<vmw:Config ovf:required=”false” vmw:key=”tools.toolsUpgradePolicy” vmw:value=”manual”/>

Save the file.

Note: The .mf file must be deleted after saving the changes.

Alternatively, export the virtual machine back to Workstation and change VMware Tools update option to manual:
Right-click the virtual machine in Workstation and click Edit Settings.
In the Options tab, change the VMware Tools update option from Use application default to Manual.

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