Moving QTS to M.2 SSD while Keeping shared folders on HDD.

By | January 23, 2023
  1. Back up everything important to external storage or cloud.
  2. Shut down and back up VMs from Virtualization Station to a shared folder.
  3. Back up system config via Control Panel.
  4. Select “Safely Detach” for the TR-004 enclosure in the External RAID manager if you have one. Remove attached USB devices. Shut down the enclosure once that is done.
  5. Select the main storage pool in Storage & Snapshots manager and do “Safely Detach” as well. See this article for details.
  6. Shut down NAS and remove all the drives, then power it up, log into QTS and do “Reinitialize NAS” via Control Panel. M.2 SSD drives should be installed for QNAP to add the OS there.
  7. Once the NAS is restarted, use Qfinder Pro to set up the NAS. Format SSDs as RAID1 and let QTS use it as the system volume.
  8. Log in and restore the system config from previously saved file.
  9. Shut down NAS, insert all the drives and boot it back up. Go to Storage & Snapshots and do “Scan and recover storage space” on the NAS. The system should recover the storage pool and volumes.
  10. Power up the TR-004 and do the “Scan and recover storage space” again.
  11. Reinstall the necessary apps. Start up Virtualization Station and recover the VMs from the backups.

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