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By | September 30, 2021

Nice website and tools for creating reports/lists based on specific facility parameters such as city/state, GPO and IDN Affiliation.

“Sales Data Generator”

You can request a demo here =

What is an IDN or HOSPITAL IDN?

An integrated delivery system (IDS), also known as integrated delivery network (IDN), is a health system with a goal of logical integration of the delivery (provision) of health care as opposed to a fragmented system or a disorganized lack of system.

What is a GPO or Hospital GPO?

It’s when hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, surgery centers, purchase in a GROUP and not off contract. Basically the GROUP negotiates for medical devices, and all products and services for the hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, surgery centers, ect.

The SDG Advantage.
Target Your Market
With Sales Data Generator, you can target customers based on their affiliations with Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC), Hospital types, and IDN/GPO.

Find Key Contact Information
Contacts from C-level to director available depending on level of access.

Downloadable Reports
Once you’ve set the parameters you need, download a report in excel for further analysis.

Cost Effective And Time Saving
Billions of bits of data are everywhere; organizing the data into actionable information is key to saving time and money. Your ERP can be linked for further efficiency.

Pay Only For What You Need
Different companies have different needs. With several levels, you can select the plan appropriate today. If there is data unique to your needs, we can look at a project case by case.

Continues Updates
The only constant in data is change. Much of our data is automated for continual updates. Contact data changes often but you’ll have enough to get you going. We’ll also look for our SDG Community to help keep the information up to date. Your help is welcome!

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