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Cyberlink PowerDirector 13 Activation Problem

If you’re getting an activation issue after using the KEYGEN, change these registry settings…. Open Run Command. type in “regedit”. Use the FIND Command = prod_activate “Prod_Activate=OnlineCheck” to “Prod_Activate=OfflineCheck” Also, locate ureg.ini in install folder… Edit “Prod_Activate=OnlineCheck” to “Prod_Activate=OfflineCheck”

chrome java plugin not found

SOLUTION: Chrome has disable support for NPAPI plugins. Re-enabling NPAPI is only a temporary solution You can enable temporarily using the flag: chrome://flags/#enable-npapi

VMware ESXi 5.5.0 1331820 Purple Screen / Dell Poweredge 2950

Motherboard nonmaskble interrupt, undiagnosed. vmx-swga PCPU 0: USSUVUUU     FIX = Change Virtual NIC in the VM indicated from E1000E to E1000.     === ‘ \ ,u ll ll‘:–1.», .. |…i1.1 l =’=1:,:.;L| -fill I111 _ > _ V ]_ V” ‘~ r”1\ ‘l>|\\|v|’l I||».1r|1 rn|n|mil-1hl|- i|’\fPr‘l’|’Pt]- “F”1i-7l’l’_’l_”-“*”7- H7‘? ‘mu ha ‘7 h‘3’_’j’”‘arfi… Read More »

Vmware Upload Failed: A specified parameter was not correct

Uninstall VMware tools from the VM… Then: 1. Power off the VM 2. Settings 3. options (tab) 4. VM Tools 5. Choose top answer “Update manually (do nothing)” The drag over to Esxi or use the upload command. Problem solved.  

uTorrent VPN Speed issue with PIA

Click on our icon in the System Tray or Menu Bar2. Disconnect from the VPN. 3. Right click the icon for the VPN again, and click on Settings 4. Click on the Advanced button 5. If the Connection type is set to TCP, change it to UDP. If it already says UDP, do not make… Read More »

Plex with VPN

FROM: Fixing myPlex so you can still access Plex remotely Fixing myPlex so you can still access Plex remotely One thing that gets screwed up when running through a VPN is the myPlex integration within Plex. When you’re connected to the VPN, myPlex will be trying to reach your server from the VPN address and… Read More »


The MOTO 360 is coming! For those of you who are not in touch with technology changes, Moto 360 is a Smart Watch that is eagerly being awaited by tech junkies all over the world. Here’s an excerpt from Android Authority, an unofficial blog of everything Android: “Joshua Topolsky, the editor in chief of The Verge,… Read More »