By | May 28, 2014

The war is still on and though the iPhone lovers are still out there hoping that one day their iOS will rule over Android, it is highly unlikely to happen. This, in fact, can no longer be called a “war” since there is a clear winner. It just might be the last remnants of a war, where iOS keeps fighting to the bitter end. Though, I don’t really see an end to this battle…just like the Mac against the PC…Apple’s iOS operating system is doomed to be second fiddle to Google’s Android.

Here are a few reasons why:

Android is highly customizable

Android allows extreme customization with 3rd party launchers that is unmatched or even non-existent with iOS. “I can make my phone look and behave like nothing I have ever seen before, and fit the way I like to interface with my phone. I despise the fact that Apple thinks that they know me best. They don’t,” says Dancher Boi, a staunch Android fan and blogger. He further adds, “I also like to tinker. I like to push the envelope with the things I can do with my phone. The open platform Android provides is a sandbox for developers to get extremely creative.”

Android offers an open platform

Being an open platform, Android offers its users a way to run emulators and side-loading, which opens up a world of possibilities including downloading apps from Google Play, AppBrain, Amazon Appstore, or any place that has a .apk file app. Having said that, Android is still not a FULLY open system, but it is fairly more open than most of the mobile operating systems we have today. Of course, this comparison doesn’t take into effect any ‘jailbreaking’ of iOS, where a lot of things can be accomplished. Howard Blair, yet another fandroid, says, ” You can change the app launcher (home screen), the default keyboard and Web browser on Android…things you can’t do on iOS. If Apple includes it in iOS, chances are you’re stuck with it…unless you jailbreak.”

Android has an abundant selection of hardware

There is an abundance of devices that run Android now. So users have a lot of choice and isn’t that what we all want? Why should we be forced to buy what Apple thinks what we want? Some might say that the hardware quality is not the best, but that is a thing of the past. Now Android phones have some of the best cameras, touch screens, resolution, and internal hardware. I’d go to the extent of saying that some Android devices are beating Apple at design and aesthetics, the holy grail of all things Apple!

So you see what I mean? The war is over, guys. Move on…think of better wars elsewhere. Android has won…but iOS will not be going away any time soon. They will have their own LITTLE fanbase that will adore them regardless of how good they are. Maybe for those flashy glass stores…or those techie conferences they broadcast…or just that they won a billion dollar lawsuit against Samsung. Who cares? We, Fandroids are done fighting. We crossed the moat. We captured the fort. So what you guys do on your side of the turf if left to you…just think hard before you take us on the next time…if there IS a next time!

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