Cyberlink PowerDirector 13 Activation Problem

If you’re getting an activation issue after using the KEYGEN, change these registry settings…. Open Run Command. type in “regedit”. Use the FIND Command = prod_activate “Prod_Activate=OnlineCheck” to “Prod_Activate=OfflineCheck” Also, locate ureg.ini in install folder… Edit “Prod_Activate=OnlineCheck” to “Prod_Activate=OfflineCheck”

Esxi on Dell PowerEdge T20

Follow these steps: 1.   ESXI Customized Image from DELL: VMware ESXi 5.5 Image Driver Details | Dell US 2.   Intel I217LM Nic Card Driver from here: 3.   ESXi Customizer to overwrite existing driver. VMware Front Experience: ESXi-Customizer 4.   RUFUS to burn the Modified ISO to USB. Rufus – Create bootable USB drives the easy… Read More »

chrome java plugin not found

SOLUTION: Chrome has disable support for NPAPI plugins. Re-enabling NPAPI is only a temporary solution You can enable temporarily using the flag: chrome://flags/#enable-npapi

VMware ESXi 5.5.0 1331820 Purple Screen / Dell Poweredge 2950

Motherboard nonmaskble interrupt, undiagnosed. vmx-swga PCPU 0: USSUVUUU     FIX = Change Virtual NIC in the VM indicated from E1000E to E1000.     === ‘ \ ,u ll ll‘:–1.», .. |…i1.1 l =’=1:,:.;L| -fill I111 _ > _ V ]_ V” ‘~ r”1\ ‘l>|\\|v|’l I||».1r|1 rn|n|mil-1hl|- i|’\fPr‘l’|’Pt]- “F”1i-7l’l’_’l_”-“*”7- H7‘? ‘mu ha ‘7 h‘3’_’j’”‘arfi… Read More »

VMware vCenter Converter P2V to ESXi 5.5 Steps [If Getting Errors using Infrastructure]

IF VMware vCenter Converter Standalone Client VM/Physical or TIB to VMware Infrastructure ESXi Server Fail, try the steps below. Important: Remember to REMOVE VMWare tools from the VM before doing the below. Used VMware vCenter Converter. Migrate to Version Workstation 8.X. Open in Workstation, add Server running ESXi Power off the VM Go to Settings Open options (tab)… Read More »

Vmware Upload Failed: A specified parameter was not correct

Uninstall VMware tools from the VM… Then: 1. Power off the VM 2. Settings 3. options (tab) 4. VM Tools 5. Choose top answer “Update manually (do nothing)” The drag over to Esxi or use the upload command. Problem solved.